Step 4:

Final  Details

Do you want an instructor?

choose one of the following:

Have us facilitate your party.

We will facilitate the entire virtual party. 

What we do:

  • Give instructions & painting tips.

  • Answer questions. The benefit of having us there is we can address specific question or problems the painters are having.

  • We keep the party going according to schedule.

  • We include fun trivia games about the birthday child.


This is a good option if you want a stress free party, to keep everything on schedule, and for parties with younger kids.


The flow of the party:

To start, we will instruct birthday guests on making their own mug cake. Then, we will instruct them on how to paint their project. They will begin the painting session. We will stay on to answer any questions, give further instructions. We will stop all painting ten minutes before the end time so everyone can sing happy birthday and then have cake.

Facilitate your own party.

This is a good option for older kids who can follow directions on their own or a more informal party. 

We will give you a DIY Party Pack, which includes:

  • Written instructions and tips to give every painter.

  • A party timeline to keep everyone on track.

  • Tips for hosting a painting party.

  • Games you can play while everyone is painting if there is a lull in the party.