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Yes, we can make a custom design for you! 


Contact us, we would love to help you create what you're imagining.

I have a specific design in mind. Are you able to make the stencil for me?

Are the materials clean?

We have taken the precaution of wiping down all the materials with Lysol wipes and we package each order with a fresh pair of gloves. 

I see a design that I like but there the material I want it on isn't offered for that design?

We have offered materials that fit each design the best. If you want a material that isn't offered contact us and we can put together a custom order for you!

How long does it take to ship out?

It takes 24hrs to get your order together and shipped out.

We use USPS priority mail to ship so once it's sent it takes

2-3 days to get to you.

Have Questions for us? We would love to answer them. 

Thanks for submitting!

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