Step 2:

Choose Pottery 


We have three different tiers of pottery package that only differ in the pottery size and amount of detail.

The price per painter includes all the materials necessary for painting.

Party Animal

This package includes a variety of 4" pieces.

This package includes a lot of figurines.

It has pieces that all ages would love, but would be a good choice for younger painters, since the pieces are  less detailed and smaller. 

$28 per painter

Painters Delight

This package includes a variety of 6" pieces.

These pieces have moderate details and includes more functional items like bowls, plates, and mugs.

It has pieces every age can paint.


$30 per painter 

Ultimate Party

This package includes a variety of 8" pieces.

These pieces have a lot of detail and includes more banks and boxes.

This package is a good choice for older kids or younger kids who can sit and paint for a while.


$37 per painter